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BSID Annual Meeting

The BSID provides a meeting which encourages dermatologists in training to attend and present their work. The meeting also provides an excellent forum for non-clinical postgraduate students working in relevant areas to present their research at a national meeting. The relatively small size of the BSID meeting (normally around 150 registrants) means that the meeting is relatively informal, fun and enjoyable to attend. In addition, there is an emphasis on discussion and the exchange of views and ideas.

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  • BSID 2019 prize winners

    Oral Presentations: Best Presentation: O17  Tom Macleod –   IL-36ɣ acts as a global sensor of epithelial infection following liberation and activation by several epithelial pathogens Macleod, J. Ainscough, S. Herrick, Y. Terao, J. Wenzel, M. Stacey, M. Wittmann Best Presentation – Runner Up: O5      Florence Enjalbert – Understanding the role of ABCA12 in the Pathogenesis… Read more >

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