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Dr. Neil Rajan
Wellcome Intermediate Clinical Fellow
Senior Lecturer
Honorary Consultant Dermatologist
Institute of Genetic Medicine
Newcastle University

Dr. Neil Rajan M.D. PhD. is a senior lecturer and honorary consultant dermatologist based in Newcastle, U.K. He has received 6 national awards for his work on patients with rare genetic skin disease. He has received fellowships from the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council, that have supported his work on the molecular dissection of inherited cutaneous tumour syndromes. His basic science research programme is coupled with the delivery of early phase clinical trials in rare disease, an exemplar of which is the TRAC study in CYLD cutaneous syndrome, where he was chief investigator. By working in partnership with patients with rare skin disease, his work aims to discover oncogenic dependencies in skin tumours that can be targeted for therapeutic benefit.

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