1988 (updated 2009)

  1. The name of the Society shall be The British Society for Investigative Dermatology.
  2. Purpose and Intent
    1. The objects of the British Society for Investigative Dermatology (hereinafter called the Society) shall be the advancement of public education by the dissemination of the results of research into the nature and function of skin in health and disease.
    2. In furtherance of the objects hereinbefore defined, but not further or otherwise, the Society shall have the following powers:
      1. to promote and encourage organised research and experimental work.
      2. to contribute to the education of trainees in dermatology and of scientific workers in the field of dermatology.
      3. to arrange and provide for the holding of scientific meetings and symposia and by such other means deemed appropriate by the Committee to further the objects of the Society.
      4. to obtain, collect and receive money and funds by way of contributions, donations, legacies, grants and any other lawful method as the Committee shall consider appropriate.
  3. Management of the Society
    1. The principal office and seat of administration of the Society shall be located within the United Kingdom.
    2. The affairs of the Society will be managed by a committee (“the Committee”) elected by the members of the Society (“the Members”).
    3. The Committee shall consist of:
      1. two officers, namely (1) a Chairman/Secretary and (2) a Treasurer (“the Committee Officers”). The Committee Officers shall be Members.
      2. five other Members (“the Committee Members”); and
      3. additional Members who may be co-opted by the Committee for the purpose of holding a meeting or other reasons that the Committee judge important for the well-being of the Society (“the Co-Opted Members”).

      Co-opted Members shall not exceed one third of the total Committee and shall not be entitled to vote.

    4. The Committee Members shall be elected individually by the Members through a simple majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.
    5. Nominations for membership of the Committee may be made by the Committee or by any two Members and shall be submitted in writing, together with the written consent of the nominee, to the Chairman/Secretary not less than six weeks before the Annual General Meeting. The Committee may make further nominations until two weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
    6. The Committee Officers will be elected by the Committee.
    7. The Chairman/Secretary will serve for a period of up to three years and will not be eligible for re-election to the same office.
    8. The Treasurer will serve for a period of up to five years and will not be eligible for re-election to the same office.
    9. Subject to Clauses 3.11 and 3.12, the Committee Officers will serve for the relevant term as specified in clauses 3.7 and 3.8, notwithstanding that they may have previously served terms as a Committee Member and/or as another Committee Officer.
    10. Subject to Clauses 3.11 and 3.12, the Committee Members will serve for a period of three years and shall be eligible for re-election for one further term of three years.
    11. The maximum time any one Member may serve on the Committee as a Committee Officer or in a continuous term of office consisting of one or more terms as Committee Member and one or more terms as Committee Officer is eight years. For the avoidance of doubt, the maximum time any one Member may serve on the Committee as a Committee Member only is six years.
    12. Two members of the Committee (for the avoidance of doubt this includes Committee Members and Committee Officers) shall resign or retire each year according to a roster held and agreed by the Committee.
    13. The Committee should contain at least two non-medically qualified scientists.
  4. Membership of the Society
    1. Members of the Society shall be of two classes (a) ordinary members and (b) supporting members.
      Ordinary membership of the Society shall be available to anyone interested in research into the nature of skin and skin disease. Applications for membership shall be sent to the Chairman/Secretary on forms provided and shall be approved by the Committee.
    2. Supporting membership shall be available to industrial groups or other organisations upon written application to the Committee and after payment of an annual fee to be determined by the Committee. The Committee shall be required to be satisfied only that the applicant has demonstrated an intention to give material support to the aims or objects of the Society.
    3. The Committee shall have the right for good and sufficient reason to terminate the membership of an individual member provided that the individual member shall have the right to be hard by the Committee before a decision is made.
  5. Finances
    1. All members shall pay an annual subscription, the sum to be fixed and reviewed annually by the Committee and approved by a majority vote by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting. Non-payment of subscription for two consecutive years will result in the termination of an individual’s membership. Request for mitigation of payment shall be judged by the Committee.
    2. The treasurer will submit a financial report at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Scientific Meetings
    1. Scientific Meetings are open to all interested scientists and will take place annually. The date of the meetings will be chosen by the Committee and notified to the Membership at the preceding Annual General Meeting.
    2. Other Scientific Meetings may be held at the discretion of the Committee.
  7. Business Meetings
    1. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) open to all members will take place each year during the Annual Scientific Meeting.
    2. The Agenda of the AGM shall include:
      1. Chairman/Secretary’s Report
      2. Treasurer’s Report
      3. Assessment of subscriptions
      4. Admission of new members
      5. Election of new Committee members
      6. Report of Programme Committee
      7. Any other business
  8. Relationship to the British Association of Dermatologists (B.A.D.)
    1. The Society will be affiliated to the B.A.D.
    2. A representative of the B.A.D. Executive Committee will be entitled to attend the Committee Meetings ex-officio.
    3. A representative of the Society’s Committee will be nominated to attend the Advisory Section of the B.A.D. Executive Committee Meetings.
  9. Change of Constitution
    1. Any proposed amendments in the Constitution shall be sent in writing to the Chairman/Secretary at least six weeks before the AGM. The amendments will be circulated to the members before the AGM and passed by a vote of not less than a two-thirds majority, provided that no alteration to clauses 2, 3 and 10 shall take effect until the approval in writing of the Charity Commissioners shall have been obtained and provided that no amendment is made to any clause which would cause the Society at any time to cease to have charitable status.
    2. The quorum shall be at least 25 members present.
  10. Dissolution of the Society
    If at any Annual General Meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Society shall be passed by a majority of the members present and such resolution shall at a special general meeting held not less than one month thereafter (at which not less than one-half of the members shall be present) be confirmed by a resolution passed by a majority of two-thirds of the members voting thereon, the Committee shall thereupon or at such future date as shall be specified in such resolution proceed to realise the property of the Society and after the discharge of all liabilities shall give or transfer the sums remaining to some other charitable institution or institutions with objects similar to the objects of the Society, provided that the approval of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales has been obtained to such disposal.

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