Postgraduate Training (Dermatology / Dermatological Science)

The training pathways which may be undertaken in order to progress towards a senior post in clinical academic dermatology, clinical dermatology or in dermatological science vary, and are outlined below. Although the following information may be useful, it is not intended to be exhaustive. Some individuals may wish to engage in additional training within specific areas, however, it may be helpful to obtain appropriate career advice from more senior colleagues in the relevant sub-speciality prior to organising such training.

Importantly, it is always advisable to seek career advice from senior colleagues at an early stage during training, and often prior to commencing the training itself, so that trainees are aware of the wide range of career options that are available. Furthermore, remember that the role and type of senior clinician or senior scientist that one becomes is generally related to the amount and type of training that they have received.


Clinical Vacancies

There are no Clinical vacancies at present.

Non-Clinical Vacancies

There are no Non-Clinical vacancies at present.

Vacancy Submission

If you would like to advertise your vacancy on the BSID website, please contact the chair in the first instance with relevant details.